We have highly 20 VULNERABLE children waiting to be included in the program, we want to pay their school fees, uniform,  shoe and other needs

We want to build a SOCIAL CENTER for the elderly so they may have a meeting space for ssocial intergration and workshops

We want to help the Nyang'inja school hire teachers for a quality education, 

We want to help the school aquire enough class rooms and improve the condition of the exsisting ones.                       HELP US TO HELP THEM

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 Education for peace

We have worked with the  Sant Pere de Ribes City Hall Cooperation Department on a project called Education for Peace, where we have engaged with local secondary school children on several activities including talks on human co-exsistence, tolarance, gender equality, discriminition and violence. we also talked about world peace, internatioal cultures and social and econmic challenges. The students of IES Alexandre Gali made an awareness video about that you can watch here. 

II Sant Pere de Ribes Associations Fair and the Sant Jordi fest

April 2018

For second time we have participated in the Sant Jordi fest, this time in la Plaça de la Biblioteca de Sant Pere de Ribes. 

Also as we did last year, this year we have participated in the Associations Fair organized by the Sant Pere de Ribes City Hall, where we did awareness about our association. For second time we have participated in the Sant Jordi fest, this time in la Plaça de la Biblioteca de Sant Pere de Ribes. 

Solidary Paella in Canyelles

June 2018

We enjoyed a beautiful day with family and friends, we ate, we drank, we laughed and we also received donations from the attendants. 

First solidary trip to Kenya


In September 2018 a group of 7 people went  2 weeks to Kenya. They visited Katuk and of course enjoyed the beauties of Kenya. To see the itinerary click here.

Achievements of the Trip

-Motivated the volunteers of Dignity Katuk CBO with cash alowances, several support meetings including securing an office 

-Included 10 new children in the programme and capture new data

-Donated 500€ (50,000 kes) to nyanginja secondary, renewed the contract of one teacher, distributed school materials to the children

-Initiated the adapted latrine programe for old people with reduced mobility.

-Distributed 160 kgs of clothes and other materials to the elderly persons including a wheelchair.