We have highly 20 VULNERABLE children waiting to be included in the program, we want to pay their school fees, uniform,  shoe and other needs

We want to build a SOCIAL CENTER for the elderly so they may have a meeting space for ssocial intergration and workshops

We want to help the Nyang'inja school hire teachers for a quality education, 

We want to help the school aquire enough class rooms and improve the condition of the exsisting ones.                       HELP US TO HELP THEM

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WAZEE Program


Comprehensive care for senior citizens with priority to the ones who are taking care of the orphans, with the objective to keep them in good health, socially integrated and to live with dignity their last of years of life. 

WATOTO Program


Access to quality education and basic needs for orphans and other vulnerable children



To improve the local school, NYANG'INJA SCHOOL, through improving the quality of the education and the learning environment 

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