We have highly 20 VULNERABLE children waiting to be included in the program, we want to pay their school fees, uniform,  shoe and other needs

We want to build a SOCIAL CENTER for the elderly so they may have a meeting space for ssocial intergration and workshops

We want to help the Nyang'inja school hire teachers for a quality education, 

We want to help the school aquire enough class rooms and improve the condition of the exsisting ones.                       HELP US TO HELP THEM

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We are a Kenyan family, Mr John Muga (the President) and Dr Elisa Salvadó, living in Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona (Catalunya) Spain. In 2016 we found this Non Profit Making Organisation (Non Governmental Organisation, NGO) with the objective to help the vulnerable children and elderly persons of our Kenyan home village, Katuk, Kisumu South West Constituency in Kisumu county. We together with friends who share the principle of solidarity, we commits to embrase Dignity for all.

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Associació DIGNITY.CAT is a none profit making NGO (Non Governmental Organization) working with vulnerable elderly persons and with children on education  and social welfare.

It is registered in Spain in the city of Barcelona.  It works with  other  Spanish local municipal social entities, the city Hall of Sant Pere de Ribes and its  local affiliate,  (Dignity Katuk CBO ) at programme sites in  Katuk, Kenya.

OUR AIM is  to assist orphans, other vulnerable children and persons with advanced ages in poor life conditions in Katuk village, Kisumu.

Why Katuk and what is the problem: Katuk is a small beautiful fishing village on the shores of Victoria Lake, this part of Kenya is one of the regions that are rated poorest

Lake Victoria:  The lake that used to be the source of life, food and general economic wellbeing has run out of fish due to obvious reason of overfishing, the water hyacinth menace and general contamination of the lake due to discharge of raw waste from cities and industries.

Hunger and poverty: This region experience the least rainfall, around the year and if some rain come, they are usually short and irregular therefore the region has an unfavourable climatic condition that do not support minimum harvest that could ensure food sustainability.

Unemployment; The older age of Katuk never had education, as they were happy being fishermen, therefore they never do any pensionable jobs.

HIV and AIDS: With the arrival of the HIV AIDs epidemic in Africa and Kenya in the last decades, this region has been affected grossly due to the underlying negative lifestyle and cultural dynamic and believes.

The Situation Now: Now in Katuk exists a generation gap that has been created by the HIV and AIDs epidemic in the last decades. Subsequently the situation has left behind a big number of orphan children who fell back into the care of their grandparents. The situation has further reduced the economic capacity of a community that is already affected by poor water supply, tropical diseases, food insecurity, cultural challenges, poverty and climate change impact.

Why Katuk and not in another place: It is our village, we know it well, it is true that there are many places in the same situation as Katuk but we decided to start from home. We want to do something. Dignity wants to do something here.

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