We have highly 20 VULNERABLE children waiting to be included in the program, we want to pay their school fees, uniform,  shoe and other needs

We want to build a SOCIAL CENTER for the elderly so they may have a meeting space for ssocial intergration and workshops

We want to help the Nyang'inja school hire teachers for a quality education, 

We want to help the school aquire enough class rooms and improve the condition of the exsisting ones.                       HELP US TO HELP THEM

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Sant Jordi 2017

APRIL 23, 2017

We launched our first fundraising activity coinciding with the beautiful catalan fest of Sant Jordi.  We were in Plaça Marcer (St Pere de Ribes) with books and roses.  We appreciate all the friends that have helped us with the logistics, their time and their donations. 


MARCH 21, 2017

We were invited to attend, in the city hall of Sant Pere de Ribes, to an institutional reception to welcome Mr Danny Wilson Cirilo,  Director of External Cooperation of Puerto Cabezas (Nicaragua),  twinned town of St Pere de Ribes

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Attendance to the Reception Meeting of the External Cooperation Director of Puerto Cabezas

Registration of the Association in the Official bodies  


After the oficial constitution of our association, we have been registered in the Generalitat de Catalunya Associations Registry with the incription number 60421. We have also joined the Municipal Cooperation Council of Sant Pere de Ribes.

Project Visits  2017

In July: 

  • We included our first 13 beneficiaries in the WATOTO Program. 
  • We met DIGNITY.KATUK our affiliate community based organization in Katuk 
  • We assessed the needs on the ground
  • We distributed the 150 kg of second hand clothes amongst our beneficiaries and other villagers.  

In September:

  • We did a routine visit for briefing and consultation meetings. 

In December: 

  • We did a Supervision project Visit and programme support
  • We gave suport for the construction of one of the new classrooms in the secondary school
  • We gave suport for the recruitment of one teacher  for the primary school
  • We had suport and consultation meetings with the head teachers for both secondary and primary school
  • We had consultation meetings with the Elderly people in the program on priorities and special needs. 
  • We took the children of Watoto program for a 2 days leisure trip to Ruma N.P. and Rusinga Island. 

 Education for peace


We have worked with the  Sant Pere de Ribes City Hall Cooperation Department on a project called Education for Peace, where we have engaged with local secondary school children on several activities including talks on human co-exsistence, tolarance, gender equality, discriminition and violence. we also talked about world peace, internatioal cultures and social and econmic challenges. The students of IES Alexandre Gali made an awareness video about that you can watch here.